March 17, 2014

Desert Dreamin’

By Maria Noble In Archive

In my first 3 nights at home after I left Indian Wells, I kept having dreams that I was back there. As Rafa would say, “Very, very bad.”

My favorite time of the year has come and gone. It’s always bittersweet when I do these wrap / look back posts. To avoid sounding like a broken record, I’m not going to say that this was the best year yet even though it was. Wait. Damnit. I’ve been going to the event since 2008 and, so far, every year really has been “the best” for different reasons. What can I say? It keeps gettin’ better.

On to the photos! I’ll start with some normal tennis.

2014_Indian Wells_02

2014_Indian Wells_03

2014_Indian Wells_04

2014_Indian Wells_05

2014_Indian Wells_06

2014_Indian Wells_07

2014_Indian Wells_08

Tennis and martial arts fusion from Lleyton.

2014_Indian Wells_09

2014_Indian Wells_10

John wondering what kind of angles I was getting from waaaaaaay below his eye level.

2014_Indian Wells_11

A sign of things to come.

Here’s fan favorite tennis.

2014_Indian Wells_18

Swiss goss.

2014_Indian Wells_19

2014_Indian Wells_20

2014_Indian Wells_21

2014_Indian Wells_22

2014_Indian Wells_23

2014_Indian Wells_24

2014_Indian Wells_25

#GenieArmy, thankfully, does not include life-size stuffed animals. Yet.

2014_Indian Wells_26

2014_Indian Wells_27

2014_Indian Wells_28

2014_Indian Wells_29

2014_Indian Wells_30

This is sports, not everything is going to go well. Here’s some disappointment tennis.

2014_Indian Wells_12

2014_Indian Wells_13

2014_Indian Wells_14

2014_Indian Wells_15

2014_Indian Wells_16

I think Vika was just as confused as everyone as to why she even took the court.

2014_Indian Wells_17

Fernando’s ‘disappointment’ pose.

2014_Indian Wells_32

I mean, Feli missed the shot and made this face so this must be his disappointment face.

2014_Indian Wells_31

I considered doing hand signals to let Ryan know I can’t actually help him play better.


2014_Indian Wells_38

2014_Indian Wells_36

2014_Indian Wells_35

2014_Indian Wells_37

2014_Indian Wells_39

Until next time, Indian Wells! Thanks for another great year.

2014_Indian Wells_40

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  1. tracey March 18, 2014

    Aw, disappointed Pico makes me sad. Great photos!


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