January 21, 2013

Beers on us!

By TDB HQ In Archive

Novak Djokovic in Melbourne, man. Another year, another epic.

My weak self wasn’t able to finish this match. I was struggling to stay awake midway though the second set and after Stan lost the lead and, eventually, the set, I was convinced the match was over. (Sorry, Stan!)

What an effort from the Swiss to claw his way back into the match and give himself a chance at winning it until the very end. He was 2-1 sets down after almost being up 2-0 himself. Against the World No. 1 and someone he hasn’t beaten in 6+ years? A bit of crumbling in the fourth was customary. But he and his backhand didn’t and gifted us all a classic! We should be buying both these guys beers for the rest of the year. Errr… During their days off, of course.

The match in 3 frames:

2012-01-20_Australian Open_Wawrinka

2012-01-20_Australian Open_Djokovic

2012-01-20_Australian Open_DjokovicWawrinka

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