July 28, 2012

Tennis at the Opening Ceremony

By TDB HQ In Archive


Tennis was well-represented during the Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in London last night. 8 of our beloved tennis players were flag bearers for their respective nations. Nole, Masha, Aga, Baghs, Horacio (lookin’ hawt), Steph Vogt, Stan The Man and The Beast all led their countries’ delegates during the parade of athletes.


I’m sure they all felt equally happy and proud but Nole showed it the most. As per yoosh.

Max pulled off the hat quite well. And so did Masha.

Actually, Masha made the Russian’s official wardrobe look good. Who knew a little sleeve fold could make a difference? Oh, right.

Aga and Horacio both cleaned up nicely. Very, very nicely.

 Images © AP, Getty

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