July 30, 2011

Beat down: A photo essay

By TDB HQ In Archive

It was really awesome to be courtside for some parts of this match, you guys. You can feel all of Masha’s panic. Dear laaawd, calm yo self! I mean, at one point she even laughed! I was sitting there trying so hard to not accidentally hurl my camera at her and then she suddenly laughed. Okay, it was more like a laughcry after missing her 1000th backhand of the night. But now what was I supposed to do? My urge to hurl was completely gone and all I wanted was to laughcry with her. So, that’s what I did all the way back to the hotel. But without her. Wah wah wah. (No, family and friends, I am still not gay.)


Masha was asked about Le Beat Down and she said, “it’s sport.” That was a sports moment. Whatev.

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  1. Roy August 3, 2011

    OH MAN. I would have hated to watch this in person. I love Maria and I hate it when she’s in matches that she has no clue how to win. Props to Serena for being the bigger man (literally)


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