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#BOTW2011 – The Double Bagel
July 27, 2011


By TDB HQ In Archive

I’m in Stanford for the 2011 Bank of the West Classic! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already knew that but if not then now you know. I’m shooting a bit for Tennis View Magazine again here. Yesterday was my first day on site and I had a blast! A big part of it was because I hung out with C-Note almost all day and we were just cracking up at everything.

First on my agenda for the day was to shoot in the pit for Sabine Lisicki’s match and that’s what I did. You should know that the pit in Stanford is basically just chairs on the court like the linespeople’s except there is no box thing to atleast protect your feet from stray balls (kinda). The entire time I was shooting, I was waiting to get hit by one of Boom Boom’s 125s and fall to my death. It was good times.

“Masha is practicing,” says my sister’s text. *bolts* Later, Sabine! I get to Masha’s practice court and I see Rebecca Marino. WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME THIS IS NOT MASH— holy sheeeeet, what is happening!

I wouldn’t say they were each other’s practice partners. It was more like, Rebecca was Masha’s hitting partner. Becks served some balls so Masha can practice her return.

RM: “One more?”

MS: “Yup.”

“Want another one?”


“Another one?”

*points to the other side of the court*

“You do you, Mash,” says C-Note after I tell her the story. Hilarious. Although, Masha did help Rebecca work on some overheads— gave her some high balls! They then played a practice set and at the end shook hands/exchanged some thanks/nothanks and whatnot but I was too stunned they touched that I was unable to move to capture it. I was, however, not stunned at all that Masha missed a backhand during their practice set and shot a little clip of her reaction.

More good times.

Masha practiced a bit more with Hoggy and they worked on her serve a lot. No one was happy with what was going on. Why does the ball keep hitting the tape/net? WHY GOD? I left before practice was over but my sister told me they were all laughs when they started doing some fitness drills.

That right there is my best shot of the day.

Blue and pink are adidas’s colors of choice this summer. Blue is also Julia Goerges’s (Nike) but she likes it with… green? Either that or sheduncurr.

You can check out some photos I took of the matches over at the Tennis View Magazine Facebook page.

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