May 19, 2011

Nole + NJR

By TDB HQ In Archive

I always get warm and fuzzies when one of my favorite photographers shoot something tennis related. Worlds colliding and all that jazz. Mario Testino, Bruce WeberBen Watts, Jeff Lipsky and Norman Jean Roy are a few fine folks whose work I always look to for inspiration and they’ve all shot some tennis. Of course, Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier have done some too but I don’t reference their work as much. (Wish Peter Lindbergh would get on board. Make it happen, Vogue.) All right, that’s enough geeking…

Here’s the latest installment of Maria’s Worlds Colliding. Novak Djokovic was snapped by Norman Jean Roy for the June 11 issue of US Vogue. Nole looking moighty foine.

I think that as long as Anna Wintour is the Prada wearing boss at US Vogue, we’ll be seeing more fashion + tennis in their pages. Though I don’t know how basic black trunks equates to “fashion” but I’m not complaining.

Images via Vogue

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