May 13, 2011

F-ing bitch

By TDB HQ In Archive

Victoria Azarenka said “fucking bitch” during her match and it was pretty amusing. It appears like she’s looked at her opponent, Maria Sharapova, before and after she said it. But she tweeted that it wasn’t towards her opponent but to herself. I guess that’s one way to pump yourself up after you win a set that almost got away. I have no problem with it- even if she did say it toward Mash. It’s all part of competing and wanting to win and in the heat of the moment we all say things that we don’t always mean.

The match was building up to be a good one for the fans. Dramaaaaz! Unfortunately, while trying to reach for a forehand early in the second set, Vika injured her elbow. She received some treatment for it and tried to continue but it only seemed to get worse. With Roland Garros coming up in a week, the last thing she wants is to injury it severely. Vika’s got a great shot at the big one in Paris so hopefully that elbow and the rest of her body, really, will cooperate.

Vika 2.0, Zen!Vika, has been shaken a bit this week. Yesterday, during her match against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, she had a few words with a spectator who applauded her error. Today, Masha let out a big “come on” after Vika netted a pretty easy forehand and that didn’t sit very well with her. (Masha was on the defense during most of that point. Not defending the bitch, just saying.) Many think that was the reason why she let out the f-bomb. Harness the zen, Vika, it does you well.

Like I said before, I really hope Masha/Vika will become a real rivalry. It’s so much fun to watch when they’re both playing at a high level and absolutely killing the ball. Also, the shriek haters are so pressed, it’s funny.

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