March 23, 2011

The ladies party in Miami

By TDB HQ In Archive

We all got a little preview of all the looks the pros rocked at the Sony Ericsson Open player party in Key Biscane last night thanks to Craig Hickman tweeting them over at GVTennisNews. You can go check out some more of their photos here.

Let’s judge the heck out of these lewks, shall we? Not that I have fashion creds or anything. This is an escape for me from my sorry social life… sitting here in my PJs, hair and make-up not done, etc.

It’s great to see Vee again but this dress is kinda meh/boring and something’s not working. Neckline, maybe? Also, girl should work those curves some more.

Are those different schools of fish? Okay, next.

LOL, Anastasia, whut is that? Sveta looks totally adorbs! And Anna K looks good. She should give Vika some tips on how to work a blazer.

I can see Masha’s tanlines. She’s got a thing for sheer clothing in Miami and I wish she didn’t. Love the skirt though!

As usual, Mel looks cute. She always looks her age when she dresses up for these events. I’m still deciding if that’s a good thing or if it’s totes boring.

I kinda like JJ’s dress but her face looks frozen in all her pictures floating around the interwebs. Like… botox-ed up ala Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s quite unflattering.

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