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What's "f**k you" in Serbian? – The Double Bagel
August 11, 2010

What's "f**k you" in Serbian?

By TDB HQ In Archive

Ana Ivanovic gave the Rogers Cup in Montreal a nice looking middle finger today. Camp Ivanovic released an article on her website stating that she will not be playing in Montreal this year (and I’m guessing, ever) and have declined the wild card offered to her by tournament director, Douche Bag. I mean, Eugene Lapierre.

If you didn’t know, Camp Ivanovic requested a wild card to this event a few weeks ago and was declined. According to Lapierre, Ana is better off qualifying for the event because she now sucks and Qs could help her confidence. Or something.

“If I were her coach, I’d force her to play qualies,” Lapierre said.

I’m sure he meant no disrespect to the former champion, just trying to extend his help. How sweet. But apparently that’s not exactly what he told her when he denied the wild card request.

“I would have loved to have played in Montreal, but I was quite hurt by the comments of Mr Lapierre that I was shown in The Montreal Gazette recently.

I don’t think his comments were necessary, and they contradicted everything he had told my management previously: that I was not getting a wild card because I am not Canadian.

The fact that my original request was turned down isn’t really an issue: I would have been happy to play qualifying, but I felt that they kind of stepped over the line with this interview, making public our correspondence and even misrepresenting it. Unfortunately I don’t feel welcome at this tournament.”

You know it’s royally screwed up when a former world number 1 and Grand Slam champion says that she doesn’t feel welcome at a tournament she’s previously won. Douche Bag can’t feel good about that.

“I’m sorry to anyone who was hoping to see me play in Canada this year. I’d like to thank the fans in Montreal who supported me during the two times I played there. I really enjoyed it.”

It reads like a final goodbye to Canada and the Rogers Cup. It’s terrible for the sport when something like this happens but the tour goes on and we can only hope something like this never explodes again. Can’t we all just get along and help promote this sport that we all oh so love?

If I were Ana and had a Twitter account, I’d TwitPic this:

Fortunately, I’m not her. She’s 22, I’m 7.

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  1. Ben August 11, 2010

    It’s really too bad that Ivanovic was treated this way by the tournament’s director. She has every right to steer clear of the event now (and in the years to come). While I think it’d be a good motivator to play in the qualifying, this isn’t the place to do it. Plus, she did well to take out Azarenka in Cincinnati. Maybe things are starting to actually improve?

  2. blueberry August 12, 2010

    ”Fuck you” in serbian is ”Jebi se!” J is Y.You’re welcome!Bravo Ana!

  3. Allison August 12, 2010

    I hope Ana does return to Canada. The Rogers Cup alternates between Toronto and Montreal. This year the men play Toronto and the women play Montreal. Next the women play Toronto. Fortunately there is a different tournament director for the Toronto event.


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